Why Do I Help Other Photographers?

#askjordanbrittley I was recently asked why I would help other photographers. First of all, props to you for being bold enough to ask this question! Whether you are just starting out in the industry or considering some educational platforms of your own, this post is going to shed some insight on the nitty gritty details of why I am really helping other photographers.

So what are the ways that I am currently helping other photographers and what is the WHY behind them all?

>> THE BLOG - You should know that I love writing education posts! It probably has to do a lot with the fact that I love teaching to begin with AND I love writing. I help other photographers on the blog because I remember having a ton of questions when I first started. And even after emailing several photographers, the industry felt cold and guarded. My goal is to make some aspects simpler or to give you a different way to think about a topic so that (1) you will grow and (2) maybe one day I will get to meet you at a coaching session or one-on-one workshop.

*My education category actually contains some of the most popular posts from 2014! As it turns out, there are a lot of you who actually love reading tips for photographers!

>> COACHING/MENTORING SESSIONS - These sessions are for those photographers who want to ask questions. Maybe you need help applying the information from the blog to your business or maybe you need help knowing where to go or coming up with a plan or vision. I do these sessions because there is no reason to go through the life of business alone. These sessions are also a great starting place if you might want to move into the one-on-one workshops at some point.

*Why call it COACHING? I have seen Lara, Michael and several other leaders in their industry use this word to describe this type of session. And I love it. I definitely feel like a “coach” as I push people on in their businesses!! You can read more about these sessions HERE.

>> ONE-ON-ONE WORKSHOPS - I am good at looking at the ins and outs of a business and challenging others to think in new ways and really move forward. I want to see other photographers (and business owners) thrive. I love what I do, but there are a lot of obstacles that I have overcome along the way. I want to point possible road blocks out to you, dive into finances or branding or whatever you want to focus on so that I can help you!

*Side note: I am actually working on a new type of one-on-one workshop that will really set it apart from my mentoring sessions and larger workshops. I am really excited to finish the marketing materials for these 1-on-1 shops and release it to you all!!!

#askjordanbrittley - Photographers can use this tool to ask me a question on social media. When I am working on my blogging schedule, I will pull up these questions on Instagram and Twitter so that I can see what it is people are wanting to read! This is an easy way for me to keep track of all the questions!

I developed THIS facebook resource not too long ago because I wanted a way for people to connect with me and hear the short versions of answers! I realize that things are time-sensitive and while I can’t rearrange my blogging calendar for a question, I can give it a 30 second response! I want to see people in community and I realize that facebook is quite different than in-person meet ups, but this is a great resource for the day-to-day.

*This is a place where photographers can ask in-depth questions and I will either answer them in the group or dedicate an entire post to them. Let’s talk film, digital, editing, workflow, branding… let’s talk about it all! It’s also a place where you can get connected with other photographers and we can all grow together! To request access to the group, click HERE.

I love helping other photographers because I love teaching others. I love seeing those lightbulb moments when they realize that they can do this. I love challenging them and making them think differently. It’s fun for me to invest in others!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment space below!! I want to continue to share what I know in a way that benefits you!! For future questions, holler at me on Twitter or Instagram (tagging me) and use the following hashtag: #askjordanbrittley.

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