Where can you buy a film camera?

If you want to make the jump to shooting film, it can feel overwhelming and tad bit mysterious! When I was first starting there weren't very many resources on the topic and I learned a lot by trial and error. My goal is to be transparent about film, business, editing - you name it! This post is the first in a series on what you'll want to know before you start shooting film. So if you have questions, ask away!

 Film Tips - Where should you buy a film camera?

3 types of film cameras and where to buy them

1) what kind of film camera should you get?

There are large format, medium format, and 35mm film cameras. I won't go into detail on each camera, but I have worked with medium format and 35mm and love both!

You'll most often find me with my medium format, but I do love using the 35mm when I'm photographing landscapes. Here's what I use:

  • Medium Format: Contax 645
  • 35mm: Canon 1V

2) where should you get a film camera?

I used the Canon 1V while I was saving up for the Contax 645 because I could use all of my Canon lenses on the dock. It's a great camera and I bought it used from Adorama

So where should you look for a film camera?

  1. Contax Rental
  2. KEH
  3. Adorama Used
  4. B&H Used

You can also find film cameras on Ebay, but I haven't ever purchased one there. I always wait until one of the sites listed above has a camera come in and then I buy it right away. They go quick!


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Next up, we'll be talking about film stocks and rating film!