What's my most successful form of advertising?

My most successful form of advertising - The Jordan Brittley Blog (www.jordanbrittleyblog.com)

I get it - you want to spend that hard earned money well! You don't want to waste it on something that isn't going to give you a good return. You're smart to look over the many advertising options in the wedding world and pick the one that's just right for you!

I think it's important to explore your options and remember that your business is unique. Focus on where you can play up your strengths and connect with potential customers! I have received different versions of this question in my inbox...

"What has been your most successful form of advertising?

I am aiming to learn from the best! Any advice you can give to a newcomer to the wedding photography world would be very appreciated. Thank you for your dedication to your work, the beautiful art you produce everyday, and the inspiration and direction you provide to people like me."

Springfield MO Wedding at Tuscan Hill - Jordan Brittley Photography (www.jordanbrittley.com) // He Loves Me Flowers // Diamonds and Dos

My most successful form of advertising is, by far, getting published! Now, you know that I love getting published and think it's key in the wedding industry. Before you get too overwhelmed and think that you can't get your work published, I want you to know that I am convinced that you can do this!

Springfield MO Wedding at Tuscan Hill - Jordan Brittley Photography (www.jordanbrittley.com) // He Loves Me Flowers // Diamonds and Dos

3 Ways Getting Published Pushes My Business Forward

1) I book weddings when I get published!

If you're going to make your wedding business work, you need to book weddings! Every time I am published on Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, BRIDES (and the like), I receive several inquiries. I only take a limited number of weddings each year, so I get to pick which weddings are the ideal fit for me.

2) It gets people talking!

Brides love getting published. Brides love their wedding day. When you mix the two, you're just giving them an excuse to share your work! Get excited and remind them that it's a HUGE deal... because it is.

3) It gets the word out!

When a major blog or magazine shares your images and credits you in the caption, it's good for your social platforms! A lot of these publishers have upwards of 500K followers. If they shout you out on their platform, they are endorsing your work! The people who follow my accounts from those shout outs are typically very engaged on my page (they tend to leave more comments).

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I think back on my wedding day and would have been so tickled if those images had been published — let alone on a major blog like SMP... or in a magazine! It's a huge honor to have your wedding published and getting published on a regular basis takes a photographer who knows what editors want.