What We Believe

Joy. The kind of joy that fills your heart and overflows all around. The kind of joy that you really can't explain. The kind of joy that makes you sing and giggle and spin around. And around. That's the kind of joy that floods my heart when I believe Him. And of course, that kind of joy overtakes my heart when I see His promises fulfilled. But also when I simply believe Him about what He has already said. It sounds so simple to believe the promises of God and therefore we think it is easy. That it will come naturally. And in fact it is hard to believe Him. Because He promises things like hope in a hopeless world. And comfort in the midst of tragedy. Those things don't make sense to us when we are the ones surrounded by things that are hopeless and tragic. But surely, He is faithful to His promises.

And when we begin to believe Him about His promises, our whole world changes. It's like we are looking at life in a completely different way... with Kingdom eyes. Because we see His hand at work and we see His faithfulness in our lives. He claims us as His own when no one else will. And He has called us into something grand. For His Glory and not our own. Yes, when we believe Him, our lives change. And the lives around us change too.



Psalm 106:12

Jordan BrittleyComment