What Making Your Bed and Your Email Inbox Have in Common

What Making Your Bed and Your Email Inbox Have in Common - The Jordan Brittley Blog There are always going to be things that you don’t enjoy doing. If you are running your own business you have the option of delegating those tasks, ignoring those tasks, or just getting those tasks done. It’s important to be disciplined in business if you want the business to grow. So how do we handle tasks that we just simply don’t enjoy doing?

I do not enjoy making the bed, but I enjoy seeing that it is made. In the same way, I don’t enjoy the process of managing my email inbox, but I love knowing that it’s done. I want my clients to feel taken care of and know that they can count on me to respond in a timely fashion to their questions. Today I want to share with you what making your bed and your email inbox have in common so that you can continue to grow a thriving business.


Clutter your mind or keep it clean

Unless it inspires you and makes you excited to see an unmade bed, then it is creating clutter for you. As a creative, I need to do as many things as I can to fire me up and eliminate the things that don’t. You may not realize that your unmade bed and unmanaged email inbox is making you feel cluttered, but it is.

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If you are disciplined in the small things, you will be in the big things too

Every time you make a decision to be disciplined, you are developing good habits. As tedious as responding to emails may seem, it’s going to literally pay off to be disciplined and manage your inbox well.

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Sets the tone for the day

If you start the day by making exceptions to your own rules, it’s going to be easy to ignore the tasks that you have to do. Every time you make a decision about what you are going to do and what you are not going to do, you are setting the tone for the day. Our decisions also have long-term effects. So these daily decisions are also going to set the tone for the week, month and year in your business.

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Create a system for organizing your inbox

I use gmail, so this means folders to organize my emails. I keep folders for booked clients, current projects, vendors and more. This system has helped me to archive emails well so that I can access them later without creating clutter on my inbox screen.

Routine is key

Take care of emptying your inbox every weekday. I try to stay away from my inbox during the day because it distracts me from getting my main work done. So I schedule two blocks of time (one at the beginning of the day and one at the end) so that I can devote time to emailing clients, vendors, editors and such.

Reward yourself

I think that it’s important to reward yourself when you’re first developing these good habits. Do you really love editing or designing? What about baking for your blog or clients? Schedule time to do the things you love after you tackle the things that you don’t! This just might give you a little extra motivation as you filter through the inbox.

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