What Every Leader Needs to Know About Listening to Podcasts

What Leaders Need to Know About Podcasts - Jordan Brittley Blog Listening to podcasts is a great way to take in a lot of information. It doesn’t matter what field you are in - you always need to be growing and learning!

Isaac and I love to think about business, talk about business, and learn about business. So when we have a long car ride ahead of us or we are cooking dinner together, we love listening to a good podcast! Now, to be honest with you, I didn’t initially think that I was going to enjoy podcasts at all. I’m a creative artist who loves to process images! And there is nothing visual about a podcast. But I am here to tell you that listening to podcasts has quickly become one of my favorite ways to learn!!

As a leader, this is what you need to know about listening to podcasts!


What you allow into your mind directly affects everything that you do, say and think. So fill it up on purpose! We love listening to Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership and Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life. Both of these businessmen are focused on serving others and you won’t hear them gossiping or wasting your time with things that just don’t matter.


Turn on a podcast while you are tidying up the office for the day, driving to the post office, or doing anything that allows you to really absorb the information. In my ideal work week, I schedule a block of time on Fridays for education. This can include reading, podcasts, webinars and more! Learning new things is something that really fires me up, so it’s important to set aside time to do it!!


Learning with others has so many advantages! Since everyone learns and processes differently, each person is going to remember different aspects and bring something new to the table. Talking with someone else about a podcast is going to encourage you to retain more information! So grab a friend, an industry peer, or anyone that would enjoy doing this and start listening to some podcasts!!

I don’t always get to listen to the podcast with Isaac, but at some point during the week one of us will ask the other, “Did you hear Michael Hyatt’s new podcast?” We get to talk about the points that stood out to us and how each of us can apply the information to our respective fields! Plus, I love hearing my husband’s take on how the information can be applied to Jordan Brittley!! He is quite the entrepreneur and I have seen it benefit my business in countless ways!


I think taking notes is a huge part of learning! You will be able to look back on your notes and pull up the information that surrounded that excerpt. The brain is an amazing thing!

I tend to forget the minor details as the months go on and I love going back and reading my notes from podcasts. Plus, after months and months, those minor details don’t seem so minor any more! As you grow, the way that you see and process information will grow!

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