What an iced mocha has to do with the big rocks

I stood there, chopping veggies at our kitchen island, and started telling Isaac that I had read this story about rocks on Nancy's blog. Isaac said he knew the story and he assumed I did, too. That's why he's always telling me we've gotta move our rocks here and there. It's why he's always saying we need to choose our rocks. I laughed out loud because I thought it was just an expression, not about a story that everyone seems to know! Marriage is good, friend. It's a beautiful blessing that is designed to point us back to heaven - back to Jesus and His good for us.

If you haven't heard the story, it goes a little something like this... A professor fills a jar with rocks and asks if the jar is full. Then he adds sand and asks if the jar is full. Then, finally he adds water and asks if the jar is full.

The point is that when you're managing time, you have to put the big rocks in first before the pebbles, sand, and water take the remaining time. I love the story and it makes so much sense to me!


So yesterday, I spent the day praying in my "spot." A little table that sits under the big windows, holds an iced mocha with an extra shot at the Bean. I charge my computer, turn on my favorite playlist and spend time with Jesus while I work on this business. This business that has become a blessing to me. I am so thankful that the Lord has called me to this work - to this photography, this writing, and this life song.

On a white piece of paper with "PRAY THROUGH THE ROCKS" at the top, I started writing 1 John 5:14-15.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him.

So this makes it sound like if the Lord hears us, then we know we have what we've asked for! And we know that the Lord hears what we ask if it lines up with His ways, His grand plan.

Let me ask this question: how do we know what His way is?

We ask Him. We ask which way we should go. Friend, I ask Him for help when I'm blogging or writing a post on Instagram. I ask Him to give me creativity when I'm sharing an Insta story. I ask Him for parking spaces and wisdom for how I should spend money in my business.


He cares. And we know that He cares because He is active. With Jesus, caring isn't passive. It never looks like someone sitting on the couch and saying, "Yeah, that sucks." Never. He leans over, puts His hand on our shoulder, and says, "I can save you from this." He's the strong tower we run to in times of chaos and struggle. He's the loving friend who weeps with us. He's the joyful savior who gave up His life so we could finally, finally live.

He cares about what rocks we put in our jar.

He actively participates in our lives and we don't want to miss it. He is showing up. Always and always - He shows up.

Here's the conversation I had with Him yesterday...

Me: How do you want the rest of this year and summer to look?

God: Write and walk in my freedom.

Me: How should I do that?

God: Walk humbly with me and do all that I ask you to do.

Me: Lord, I give you everything - show me how to do this. How do I walk humbly?

God: Forsake what is evil and put on new clothes - new armor.

Before that conversation, there was no inspiration for these business and personal rocks. But after He said, "Forsake what is evil and put on new clothes - new armor," my pen could barely keep up with my thoughts.


Business rocks for this summer

1) Write

Write about marriage, Jesus and business!! So excited to share more about our marriage and our story in this space.  

It's been challenging to stay away from measuring success by the number of likes on a social post or the number of hits on a blog post. But I pressed on. For over a year, I have clung to the truth. When I asked Jesus what my measure of success should be, He said, "Power made perfect in weakness." It's beautiful, powerful, and also really hard to execute.

But finally, finally. This is how I genuinely measure success right now. There's something to be said about clinging to truth and walking in it, even if your own flesh makes you stumble along the way.

2) Own my voice

I want to be wild & free with my voice! I want to celebrate that I'm gentle, passionate, and fierce all at the same time. I am actually going to take a writing course to really learn how to develop my writing voice!

3) Get set up on the back end for our team

This summer, we are going to be a team of four! FOUR! Isaac is always working on this business with me, but it will look so different this summer. I can't wait to share what he'll be doing!! Friend, I'm giddy about what he's doing this summer!

Jenna has been working the last few weeks for about 10 hours and it's been so fun! She brings so much joy to the simple tasks that have to get done - picking out music, cover photos, and the list goes on. I'm secretly hoping to bring her on for 10 hours this summer. Whatever career she chooses, she's going to be good. I want to hold onto her forever. She is a joy to our team!

Julie has been working with our team for 6 months and she gets it done! She's a virtual assistant based out of Dallas and once I assign something to her in Asana, I completely forget about it. She and I are both goal-driven and we don't let little details keep us from taking action, so she has fit in from the get-go! 

4) Grow with the Lord in my business by

  • Remembering what the Lord has promised in my business! This is all purposeful... every season in my business is governed by the Lord and He has good for me. Remember the promises He's laid out and walk in His promises. The old has gone and the new has come. I'm a new person - I have a new identity in Him - and I don't have to wait for anyone to affirm God's "yes." His yes is enough!
  • Praying. Ask the Lord for those promises with a joyful heart! Ask the Lord to help me set my eyes on Him - not on Instagram numbers, blogging analytics, or sales. Just Him. 
  • Spending time with Him while I work! I love spending days with Jesus and I love asking for help in my business. I ask for the Holy Spirit to fill me up so I can write an Instagram post and He does. I'm telling you - He shows up!! I want to spend the first few minutes of my work time with Him. Just worshipping Him and praising Him for what He's done.

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Friend, if I wasn't praying through my business, I'd be running on to the next launch. And one day I will do another big launch because my heart is for our shop - presets and all to be a blessing to others and ultimately point them to Jesus. There's nothing wrong with launches! But right now, Jesus is saying not to run toward a launch. He's saying to run toward writing

And my heart is full beyond measure! When He tells us to go one way or the other, it fills our hearts with joy unspeakable. He's good and He shows up.