Wedding Wednesday: DIY Wedding Menu

Menus. I love photographing menus at a wedding. And because of this, I thought it would be great to kick off this new series (Wedding Wednesday) with a DIY Wedding Menu! YAY! You can download the template for the menu below right HERE. The font is Janda Stylish Script from Da Font and the paper is from Office Depot (Thick Linen Resume Paper). You can even use this template to create a menu for Christmas dinner next week!
Paper details at a wedding definitely add a certain something. And if you are wanting to get your wedding featured, these details are a MUST. A lot of brides have a really extravagant idea in mind for place settings, but they just don't have the time to make a bird's nest for each and every guest's plate. In this case, many brides will arrange a beautiful setting for the guest, but only include the super special details at the head table. It's great when you are able to add a little something different to your wedding details... something no one has ever seen before! Editors LOVE these details!!
Beautiful menus are a necessary item to have photographed if you want the wedding to be featured. Editors love to feel like they are part of the wedding and they want to experience the wedding as a guest would experience the wedding. So I thought I would show you just how easy it is to make a DIY wedding menu!
  • Thick Linen Paper (The paper below is from Office Depot)
  • Photoshop (This is ideal if you want to make customizations to your menu)
  • Printer
  • Fonts that fit the theme of your wedding ( includes a bunch of free fonts)
  • Scissors
Design your menu in Photoshop, creating a custom border that fits the theme of your wedding! Type out the items you will be serving and include embellishments if you want... like a row of flowers to separate the title from the menu items. Once you are finished designing your menu, print and cut!
DIY Menu - Wedding Menu by Jordan Brittley

Instead of ribbon, I used pre wrap and lace to wrap around the charger. Ideally, you would have a charger, a dinner plate and a salad plate!

DIY Menu - Wedding Menu by Jordan BrittleyDIY Menu - Wedding Menu by Jordan Brittley

Fine silver ware is a great addition to any setting! Even if you can only include this at the head table, it is totally worth it if you want to be featured!!

DIY Menu - Wedding Menu by Jordan BrittleyDIY Menu - Wedding Menu by Jordan Brittley


Hope this was helpful! Happy Wedding Planning!!

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