Should you serve cake or cookies on your wedding day?

Should you have your cake and eat it, too? Or should you serve something else? I mean, some of us definitely prefer cookies over cake (raising my hand), but what should you choose on your wedding day? I think this is one of those decisions that should be FUN! Goodness, I think all the decisions about your wedding day should be fun.

If you are working with a wedding planner, you have one of the biggest tools on your wedding day! She can help you with this decision or even decide for you! As a photographer, I most love photographing the cake. It’s symmetrical, the colors are consistent, there are blooms, and it’s usually on a cute table!

I photographed Cassandra and James at the St Louis Club in July and they had a beautiful cake. But get this - they had a candy bar, too! It was set up during toasts outside the ballroom! It sat just outside the photobooth room so guests could eat some candy while they waited.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to have your cake, your cookies, and eat it all, too!
— @jordanbrittley

Here’s what I propose: do both! And if you can’t do both, I suggest that you go with the cake!

Advantages of Serving Cake

It’s already styled!

Your cake will look good in photographs because cakes are symmetrical, reflective of your color scheme, and the possibilities are endless! You can tie in the blooms from the wedding reception and the invites with the cake!  

It's the perfect amount of sweet!

Cake is cut into small, rectangular pieces because they are filling! After your dinner has been served, the waiters will bring out the last course - the cake.  

Everyone will be served a slice!

Sometimes the cookie or candy bar runs out! By serving cake, you make sure that all of your guests are served a delicious slice of sugar before they get to dancing!

*Watch out for this! Don’t put your cake in a dimly lit corner. Pull that beautiful cake into the center of the dance floor! It will be the first thing your guests see when the dinner bell is rung! 

Advantages of Serving Cookies or Candy

You can show your personality

Are you a double espresso chocolate cookie kind of gal? Or do you prefer sugar cookies and gumdrops? Or maybe you prefer gelato and want to serve it in cute little cups!


You can honor close friends and family!

I love when friends and family make desserts for the wedding. It’s the sweetest and it will never ever get old! If you have a friend who is dying to make the perfect sugar cookies for you, this is where you can put those cookies!

*Watch out for this! This table can be hard to style! You will want to think like someone who does landscaping: you want tall containers, mid-size containers, and small containers. Try to keep the color of your trays consistent. Go with all white or go with glass! Mix textures and try to balance the color you see in the dessert

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