3 Wedding & Anniversary Rings You Will Love

He asked me if I could see what was happening just over the trees. It was a warm Spring evening with a cool breeze pushing my bangs forward toward him. There was a walkway lined with candles that you could see over half a mile away. There were lights in the trees, stars up above, and my favorite cheesecake waiting for me by the water's edge. It was straight out of a dream.

I had always considered myself a romantic before being engaged to Isaac! But as romantic as I claim to be, he is somehow even more of a romantic than I am. It's something I love about him. He loves giving grand gestures like candle-lined walkways. But he also loves the simple gestures like fixing me dinner and making me sit on the couch (which I would like to point out is still a pretty grand gesture)!

Someone mentioned April 20th (the day we got engaged) the other day and it brought back all these memories of being newly engaged. I could stop staring at that bright, white, sparkly diamond on my hand! Does anyone else remember the date they had a ring put on their finger? Or am I the only one? Because I love photographing rings, and staring at mine all day long, I have put together a list of my favorite rings to photograph!   

(1) Simple Diamond Rings

Now, can there ever be a "simple" diamond ring? Can I really say that after knowing what it takes to create a diamond? I have one of these rings and I love it (like in the photo below)! I love how elegant it is and that it feels a little understated. It feels confident and kind to me! 

A simple band with a diamond is enough to make my heart skip a beat. But maybe it's just because that is the kind of ring he slipped on my finger all those years ago...

 Ritani Engagement Ring


These types of rings are taking over the wedding world. And we all know why! They are beautiful! They are original, one-of-a-kind, rings that feel like family heirlooms. Here's a roundup of some of my favorites: 

(3) Gemstone Rings

If you can't decide between a gemstone ring and a diamond ring, you can always do a gemstone for an anniversary, right?! I love pretty much every Gemstone Ring from Ritani!


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Tell your story to your nieces and nephews and your grandparents and your girlfriends. Girlfriends get to hear it twice. Yes, both versions must be told. They should hear the short version and the long one (including all the thoughts running through your head). Because we all know we secretly love hearing it all!

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