Waiting for Haiti: Here we go.

The plane ascended into the sky, just above the waking city. The distance was a solid white as we traveled through the thick clouds and then we were staring into the sunrise. Light bounced around inside the plane and filled it with warmth, something St Louis is missing during this winter season. I glance back to the book on my lap and think about the challenge ahead of me. I am leaving this country emotionally and physically drained. And most of the time this leaves me spiritually dry. Not thirsty, just dry.

But not today.

Today, though my body wants to be stressed and overwhelmed, I am choosing the Lord. And physically, there is no change. But the spirit in me is burning to share the gospel and live the life that God has called me to live. I am not spiritually drained today. I made a decision to choose the Lord instead of my physical reaction to stress and the Lord is working a small miracle in my heart. I'm exhausted. But I am more driven than I have ever been before. And I am confident that I can expect from God.

This week in Haiti is going to be an amazing time of celebration. The Church we are working with finally has a safe place to worship. And these men, women and children know how to celebrate His faithfulness. I am looking forward to learning from them and sharpening each other like iron sharpens iron. And I am looking forward to a revival in Haiti.

waiting for haiti: here we go