I have been digging deep into the core of my business. I have been writing down what drives me on and what it is that I really want. And I have been reminded over and over again that what I truly want is for God to be glorified. He drives me on. He is my passion and my inspiration. He opens my eyes to new things... to the wondrous creations of His mighty hand. I am looking back on 2013 and praising God for the growth in my business. I see it not just in my own heart, but in each new photo. There is purpose and passion behind the frames. I am praising God for this journey He is taking me on.

In 2014, He is giving me a vision of marvelous things in my life, business and personal. I want to give generously to those in need. I want to pick up dirty dishes with a joyful, servant heart and do the laundry with a thankful heart. I want to encourage and love my brides even more. I want to photograph the genuine and kind love of newly weds and the fun laughter of families. I am inspired by the people I photograph. I am inspired by their stories and their passion for life and love.

This year I will live unhindered.

I spent the last three hours looking through 2013s blog posts and I have to tell you that a major transformation has happened in my business, in my heart, and in the way I see the world. Praise God for transforming my mind. I have seen Him be Mighty this year because He IS mighty.

Below is 2013. Or at least a few things I wanted to share with you. Thank you for going on this journey with me. Thank you to the moon and back.


  1. In December I traveled to Haiti for the first time to film a documentary. I know it was in December but I am counting it.
  2. I created a DIY silverware organizer that was well received on Pinterest
  3. I shared how to photograph your honeymoon.
  4. I launched a new look for Jordan Brittley while I continued to work on refining my brand.
  5. I shared our Gooey Butter Cake Recipe. Yum!
  6. Shared an idea for a gift that you all liked on Pinterest. What? I think more DIYs are in the near future.
  7. I got real about marriage.
  8. I shared a sneak peek of the documentary that is still in the works. I also shared my struggles in making the documentary.
  9. The Journey asked me to go back to Haiti to work on a commercial piece for them.
  10. I wrote about sticky fingers on my face in Haiti.
  11. I started to see the world with new eyes.
  12. I was Published on Style Me Pretty for the first time & I was invited to the Grey Collective!
  13. Isaac was called by God into full time ministry.
  14. I shared my experience about reading Idol Lies and Dee Brestin left a comment on that blog post. Yeah... not going to pretend like that didn't make my day.
  15. Photographed the Events Luxe gals. Coolest wedding planners ever.
  16. Moved back to southwest missouri
  17. I spoke at the Delight Conference in Washington and filmed for them while I was there.
  18. The Journey launched the Haiti video.
  19. Photographed Kristin Ashley and her incredible team.
  20. Delight launched the Fear to Freedom video.
  21. Katlyn and Jordan wanted to do a stop motion video. WATCH IT!
  22. THE DONUT VIDEO! These kiddos belong to some amazing friends. If you haven't watched this, stop everything.
  23. I made a cake with Jessica which will be published soon. It was so gooooooood.
  24. My favorite styled shoot of all time. Published on Green Wedding Shoes.
  25. Isaac gave me a 35mm camera for my birthday and I shot my very first roll of film.
  26. I photographed PEOPLE on film and decided that I REALLY REALLY loved film.
  27. Went to the beautiful place. All shot on film.
  28. I wrote about the beautiful place here.
  29. Gertrude & John Paul were published on Wedding Chicks.
  30. I started photographing my hometown. Here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Plus Lamberts.
  31. I wrote a poem about blueberries. Haha, yeah I did!
  32. I became the Delight small group leader for Missouri and I LOVE it.
  33. Freedom happened. In my business & with my camera.
  34. I made my own detergent!
  35. Delight launched their promo video!
  36. Isaac took me apple picking.
  37. Randi & Adam + Jordan & Katlyn + Megan & Ken + Allie & Ethan were published on Style Me Pretty.
  38. Delight launched the highlight video from the retreat.
  39. I went to the zoo. Twice.
  40. Started working with Stellar. You better watch out because these girls are GOOD.

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