Trying to be Enough

When we were in El Salvador for Gabriel & Eli's wedding a few weeks ago, I was reminded that I'm not good at relaxing. I want to constantly work on something; I want to finish that project that has been on my mind for months. I want to dream something beautiful and show the world how He loves.

And it's not bad to do things. But God has shown me just how much of my value I place in these things. I am still trying to do enough things... to be enough. For God, Isaac, parents, sisters, friends. The Kingdom. And the reality is that I am enough...and only because of what He has done for me. So these things I am doing are really an overflow of who He is in my life. And they do not define me.

And I am getting back to this truth in my life. Because no amount of good things could define who I am. Who I am is in Him... His love that He has poured out over me. His love defines who I am.

And that's how I want to live my life.

Jordan BrittleyComment