Track your mileage and get paid to do it!

Delegate, delegate, delegate! It's brilliant and it's a lot easier said than done. I think it's important that business owners don't feel like they have to do everything. I love the idea of having a team to take care of the details so I can just do what I do best! So what do you do when you're ready to grow your business and not ready to bring on a full-time staff? You hire an app. I am going to do an entire series on apps that help me run my business so I can take a vacation, go to the zoo, and still be creative! Today I want to talk about Mile IQ!

Track your mileage and get paid to do it! - The Jordan Brittley Blog (


1) You can download the app!

I love that I can manage my miles from my phone. I can do it while I'm waiting on my coffee or right before a meeting! I am thinking every business tool needs an app after seeing how easy it is to use the one from MileIQ!

2) It's simple to use!

All you need to do is swipe left to classify the drive as personal and right to swipe it as business. The app allows you to be incredibly detailed. You can classify drives under business meetings, business tips, etc.

3) You are getting paid to use this app!

I have already logged over $250 of deductions that I would have never written down! It's not wedding season so I wouldn't normally be tracking my miles just yet. Even though I decided to upgrade so that I could have unlimited drives, I'm still saving myself money in the long run (and in the short - I made it back in that first month)!

4) You get 40 free drives!

When you download the app, you get 40 free drives each month. If you want MileIQ to track the remaining drives, you will need to upgrade your plan. My initial thought was that I would just use the 40 free drives and "delegate" what I could. I only had 10 days left in the month when I realized that I had logged over $100 in miles. It made sense for me to go ahead an upgrade so that I could continue logging my miles.

So if you're someone who struggles to track every little mile, this app is going to be your new favorite! Say hello to your first team member whose only job is to accurately tracking your mileage and make sure you get paid to do it!


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