Top 20 Education Posts for 2014

Timberline Barn Wedding by Jordan Brittley
Timberline Barn Wedding by Jordan Brittley

I am really excited about this post! I was surprised to find out what your favorite education posts were from this year and I am so excited that you want to build a thriving business. You can read a short description of the top 20 posts of 2014 and click the link to view the post! What were your favorite posts from this year?!

20. FIVE TIPS FOR CREATING A STORYLINE IN VIDEO - There are a lot of budding videographers reading the blog! That makes me SO excited! This post talks about one aspect of the prep work involved before you ever turn on the camera - the storyline! This will lighten your workload as you video more intentionally and help you to tell a purposeful story!

19. FIVE TIPS FOR TAKING PHOTOS ON THE WATER - Taking photos on the water requires a little bit of preparation on the photographer’s end! Here are the things you should know!!

18. HOW TO CHOOSE A BUSINESS NAME - I often hear from photographers who are wondering what they should name their business (or even if they should change their business name). This post goes into the reasons behind my business name and a few tips that will simplify the process for you! 17. FIVE TIPS FOR WORKING WITH A STRESSED BRIDE - Working with a stressed bride doesn’t have to result in a stressed day for you! Take action and be a source of encouragement for her!

16. BLOG SCHEDULE ORGANIZATION - In this post, I talk about how I keep all of my ideas for the blog organized so that I can easily create a schedule! This tool has been so helpful this year!!

15. STYLING YOUR EVERYDAY - I love styling photographs! It’s so refreshing for me, so this post goes into ten tips for how I style my everyday for the photos you see on instagram!

14. FIVE TIPS FOR DIRECTING COUPLES- I am often asked how I pose clients and photograph such natural expressions. If you are wondering the same thing, this post is for you!

13. FIVE WAYS TO BOOK MORE WEDDINGS, PART TWO - After so much feedback from my first post, I decided to follow it up with more tips for how I book weddings.

12. FIVE TIPS FOR SHOOTING FILM ON A RAINY DAY - In this post, I go into detail about the decisions that I make behind the scenes when I am shooting film on a rainy day! Color and lighting are the two big elements affected by rainy days!

11. FIVE TIPS FOR FINDING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC VOICE- One of the most common questions that I receive is how I got to where I am today. A huge part of where I am today in my business was finding my photographic voice. I think that giving yourself permission to be different, deciding what you do and don’t like about your own images, answering some core questions about yourself and your business, letting your work reflect you, and tons and tons of practice all play a big role in finding your creative voice!

10. RUNNING A BUSINESS IN COLLEGE, PART TWO - In this post, I include four tips for running a business in college: selecting the “right” major, keeping a calendar (which inspired THIS post), create a system for everything and educate yourself on business.

9. FIVE WAYS TO PHOTOGRAPH THE BOUQUET - A great bouquet shot is a must for your bride, the florist and your portfolio! This post talks about five different ways to photograph the bouquet so that you can still have uniquely beautiful images!

8. PUTTING A PRICE ON BUSINESS - Pricing your work can be a challenging part of business. This is an overview of things to consider when setting your prices! A more detailed version of this post is coming in 2015!

7. FIVE THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT RUNNING A BUSINESS - I have a lot of people who ask me questions about what it’s like to run my own business. The truth is that I love it and I can’t imagine anything else at this point!! But even though it is perfect for me, there are still a lot of things to consider before opening shop and taking the risk!

6. RUNNING A BUSINESS IN COLLEGE - I majored in Math and minored in computer science and counseling and I will be the first one to tell you that it was worth it! But going to school and running a business comes with its own set of challenges. In this post I discuss a few things that I did that helped me to get my business off the ground while I was still in college!

5. LEARNING FILM PHOTOGRAPHY: VERY FIRST ROLL - I love that this post made the list! I actually wrote it in 2013 when I was first diving into film and it made the top 5 posts for 2014! It looks like 2015 is going to include a few more posts just like this!

4. BLOG STOMP TUTORIAL - I was surprised to see that this post made the list! I wrote it in 2012, but it is still circling on the internet (thanks to SEO!!)!

3. FIVE THINGS TO KNOW ONE MONTH INTO BUSINESS - So you have started your business! Good finances, creating a strong online presence, being yourself, remembering that success doesn’t happen overnight, and knowing that it’s not going to be perfect are things everyone should know one month into business!

2. FIVE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR PROJECTS ORGANIZED - In this post I talk about how I organize my photo and video files on my laptop. Having a system is important because you need to keep all of those files backed up and the workflow system at its peak!

1. FIVE WAYS TO BOOK MORE WEDDINGS THIS YEAR - I loved writing this post and have received emails from you all year telling me that you loved it too! This post covers five simple ways to start booking more weddings. These things have been crucial in growing my business and I hope that they improve your art and profitability as well!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment space below!! I want to continue to share what I know in a way that benefits you!! For future questions, holler at me on Twitter or Instagram (tagging me) and use the following hashtag: #askjordanbrittley.