to be in need

sky by jordan brittley photography I learned something today; I learned something about pain.

I am afraid of it. I am afraid of being in pain and I am even more terrified when others are in pain. Because I can't fix things. I don't have magic words to make the pain go away and I find myself just wanting to run because it feels like it's too much. Sometimes it's hard to be in pain and it's hard to be around someone who is in pain.

Pain reminds us of need. We can't control life. We can't make everything better. We need comfort. We need to be loved. We need to be heard. Pain leaves us vulnerable and in need. 

So yes, whether the pain belongs to us or someone else, there is the thought to run away because we think that by running we can somehow avoid the cravings of our soul to be held. To be in need. 

I want to stop trying to avoid pain. Because whether I avoid it or not, it's still there. I want to delete this post and move on to write about something wonderful because I want to avoid your pain. I know that you have pain and I don't want you to be reminded of it, but whether I remind you or not, it's still there. And you need to face it - I need to face it. Because there is One who comforts us and we are in need whether we want to be or not.

So today I am taking your hand, putting my head down and blazing toward the finish line. We are weak whether we admit it or not, but His strength is enough. You and I weren't meant to do this alone. We were meant to be held by Yahweh, the One true God.

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