This is the truth.

What is truth? Is it simply what we claim for ourselves as comfortable theology? Is it what we feel in our hearts? Is it something we claim so we can fit in and belong to the world? Truth is none of these things. It is nothing we invent. Truth is governed by the Righteous One, the God who is able to pull us from the pit and into His arms. And this God, the only One who can save, He is authority and He is Good. And He speaks what is true and good and righteous. He holds the foundations of the world in His hands and He breathed life into you today. And He pursues you. He runs after you not to devour you, but to save you. Because when you don't belong to Him you are headed into destruction. Empty life. And He wants you to have full life with Him. There are no words to describe His Majesty. His splendor. And yet we are so quick to run after other loves. We are afraid to suffer. To be persecuted. Today I am calling you out of this. Because this God, who sent His Son to DIE for you is ready and able to forgive your sins. Yes, the sins that you cannot even utter. Those sins. All have fallen short of Him. For He is perfect and because He loves us, He calls us into His splendor. He is calling you out of this world. To be set apart in Jesus. To live by the Spirit and in truth. Many will hear this truth and turn away from Him, but for those of you who are still reading, He is waiting on YOU.

So right now give it up to Him. The devil schemes and is eager to pull you away from God's extended hand. Those lies in your head are lies. There is nothing desirable about us that He should want us, but He wants us still. And He wants us fully. Choose to live with Him today.

I tell you the truth! God is calling you out of darkness to walk in light with Him. He is ready to pull you out of the pit you have fallen into. You cannot get out by yourself. But He lowered Himself into the pit and waits for you to hold His hand while He takes you out of the pit. This all through God's son, Jesus Christ.

Today, many wage war against God and so have you. So have I. But He offers everlasting peace to all who believe. I speak on behalf of the Lord right now: truly He IS extending His hand to you.

Jordan Brittley1 Comment