this is stillness

I am sitting in our living room in my elephant-printed pants from the Beautiful Place. I have the windows open to let the crisp breeze blow in and out in of our house in one swift movement. I am wrapped up in a blanket from our guest room and I have two sheltie puppies at my feet to keep me warm. There is a calendar of to-dos to my right and a computer full of Dans L'eau sketches to my left. My husband pulls into the driveway with a movie he rented so that he can make me feel special and he makes dinner now. I am sitting here in shock at how quickly things unfold in front of me. My husband inspires me and is so kind, constantly serving me and putting me before himself. I am thinking about how much he has taught me in this life and I hold onto these moments where it's just the two of us enjoying life together. As the work day wraps up, I am putting away this computer and the notes and lists to enjoy time with my husband and live life. I want to make a dessert (maybe some Strawberry Shortcake?!) and enjoy the dinner that he makes just because he loves me and wants to make me feel special. I sit here with the full knowledge that this is what stillness is like. It's like peace. It's like just knowing. Yeah, knowing that God is God.

flowers - photography by Jordan Brittley_001