the wise woman builds

The windows are open even though it is only 54 degrees outside because I am ready to embrace the spring with arms wide open. I love the start of flowers and trees and the gentle breeze that finds it's way through our open windows. Today I read the first verse of Proverbs 14 and my heart was stirred: "The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down." I rolled this verse over and over again in my mind. So what started out as an instagram post and led to a blog post and I hope that you are encouraged.

When I picture this woman of wisdom who builds her house, I think about the dirt-stained shirt and the holes in her jeans from working so diligently. I think about the sore muscles, the fatigue at the end of the day and the sacrifice that it must take to work so hard day in and day out. And at the end of it all when she stands before that house, her very soul sings a song of joy. Not because of what she has done, but because God has been faithful to supply the wood, nails, paint and strength to begin each day.

Sometimes I think that I need God to give me all of the strength that I will need for the rest of my life right NOW, but instead he supplies me with the strength needed for today. So my souls sings a song of joy today because my God is so, so very Mighty.


the wise woman - calligraphy by Dans L'eau and photography by Jordan Brittley-1

Calligraphy by Dans L'eau.

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