The start of a new chapter - literally!

James Altucher says that you should bleed when you write. I always imagine a beautiful scene before me when I think of a writer's life: cliffs, a long dress fluttering in the wind, a piece of paper, and a french manicure. I imagine something so elegantly simple and fresh. Blood is not a word or an image that enters my mind when I think of writing. But that's all changing. What started out as me writing my story in bits and pieces on Instagram is turning into something I didn't expect. I always thought that I had an insignificant story. But how can that be true?! I'm a child of God and there's nothing insignificant about that!


It was just a few weeks ago that I felt God leading me to share detailed glimpses of my journey - my grandfather's death, miracles I have witnessed, and how He has changed me entirely! It was just a few weeks ago that I sat in the car and told Isaac that I knew God was calling me to write.

Oh, how I wish I could leave it at that. But I feel this calling to share this story as it happens. Allow me to finish the sentence that leaves me a little weak in the knees: I'm going to write a book. Not because it's something that I have always wanted to do or because I think that it can change the world. But because I know this is what Jesus is calling me to do and I know that He can even use someone like me for His purposes!

I don't know how to find the meaningful words that will draw people to Jesus. I don't know how to encourage a generation of women to love God. But I know the God who is capable of doing the impossible. I know that He is in all things and that His love for you and me runs so deep.

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Today I'm seeking God and praying about which way to go as I begin to uncover the mystery of this story that I feel called to write. Today I'm laying it before Jesus with confidence that He is far bigger than I can imagine and He can do immeasurably more.

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