The Secret to Authentic Branding

Branding is so much more than a simple list of to-dos to check off. It's easy to come up with something pretty but branding is so much more than pretty design. Branding is derived from the heart of the business and is designed to attract a specific target group. I think it's important to keep the branding process simple but I don't think that a brand is ever simple. That might be why you feel overwhelmed while you try to navigate the difficult process of branding yourself. I know that it took me quite a bit of time to discover my own brand. I didn't want to settle for something that was just pretty. I was looking for something more. I was looking for an authentic brand.

Today I am sharing the secrets of authentic branding. It's my hope that you will implement this into your business and see a great shift. You can do this!

The Secret to My Branding - The Jordan Brittley Blog

"Branding could be defined as how you communicate to your audience through color, images, and voice."

Start with the Heart

Forget colors and images and write down the heart of your brand. Spend time on this step and spend a lot of it. Go through the following questions to get started with your brand!

1) Why are you doing what you're doing? 2) What do you want your client/customer to experience? 3) What is the goal for your business? 4) Why are you passionate about this business?

The heart of your brand is the edge that pulls people in. Without heart, you will never be able to build an authentic brand. But with heart? You will be able to connect with your target audience and create raving fans!

Create your brand board

If you don't know where to start with the design process, start an inspiration board! I used pinterest to gather textures, flowers, and type that inspired me. After I had the entire board created, I saw several common factors. Pink, orange, calligraphy, italicized caps, and blue hues. I noticed that I love colorful organic elements. And I probably shouldn't have been surprised since I love film so much!!

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Use your brand board

I am still working on making tweaks to my blog and website. But you can already see the strong influence of my board in different elements.

Anytime I am designing something for Jordan Brittley, I have the brand board open. It inspires me. And it should since it's the inspiration board for my brand!! I design my main blog post image in photoshop and then change the text color to match my brand colors with the eyedropper tool.

By using your brand board, you can keep your entire brand streamlined and consistent.

The Secret to My Branding - The Jordan Brittley Blog_0003The Secret to My Branding - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Let it change

Just because you have a great starting place doesn't mean that your look isn't going to be refined occasionally. If you have outgrown a specific design element, then waste no time in changing it! The look of your brand will shift over time and that doesn't mean that it isn't timeless! Just take a look at how Apple has changed!

Always go back to the heart

If you feel stuck in your design or stuck with your product, always go back to the heart. The heart is really the secret to authentic posing. If you can figure out how to visually display your heart on the internet, you are all set.

The Secret to My Branding - The Jordan Brittley Blog

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