The proper crop for traditional photographs

You have shot the wedding and now it's time to cull and edit. After making the final edits to the gallery, it's so easy to skip a good crop. It's so easy to miss a slightly crooked photo.  There are times when a tilted photograph only adds to the story. Those are the times, in my opinion, when you can't really tell that the perspective is tilted. It just feels like there is some kind of movement.

On the other hand, there are times when you need a straight crop and center! One of these photographs is the traditional photo. You know, the one where the bride and groom are both looking and smiling at the camera? Here's where it can get tricky: Where do you crop the photo? Do you center just the two of them? Do you crop the veil?

The Propper Crop - The Jordan Brittley Blog (

Here's the solution: center the bride and groom so that their heads are in the very center of the photograph. It's even better if their heads hit the top third of the photograph...

The Propper Crop - The Jordan Brittley Blog (

This keeps the focus on them. If you try to center the veil as well, it will end up just being a distraction to your eye. Center the two of them!

The Propper Crop - The Jordan Brittley Blog (
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