the move: then and now

I held the cardboard box and walked down the long sidewalk to the black door. Isaac offered to take the box for me but I wanted to do it myself. He turned the knob and we stood in our new home. It was a town house with two bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms. The walls were white and the windows were big, letting natural light sweep over the room in a bright embrace. We unloaded the moving van and unpacked a few boxes. And then we ordered Five Guys and watched Psych. Isaac gave me a hug and held me tightly. I thought of my sisters and cried that they were so far away. Over the next few months I killed my cactus, cried to my husband and wondered if new dreams would ever bear fruit.

There are still so many things that I don't know, but I think I have figured a few things out: God has to be my everything, Isaac loves me more than I could have ever imagined and I would really like to have a dog. This past year has been crazy. God has moved in an incredible way in my life, my husband's life and in our marriage. I'm thankful that the Lord continues to show us how to love and support and dream together.

The Lord is taking us on a new adventure and we are seriously just trusting the Lord and following Him... just one step at a time. A few months ago, there were two things that Isaac wanted to do; he wanted to preach and he wanted to coordinate local and international missions. And so for the past two months, he has been interviewing for two part time jobs (as a missions coordinator and a pastor). The first Church voted on the 14th and after praying together, Isaac accepted the job. Which means we are moving back to the southwest!

Moving is hard so I don't want to pretend like it's not. But even though I am exhausted and it will be SO hard to leave our dear friends, we are excited to walk with the Lord and let Him lead us in this new season of life.