The Jordan Brittley Newsletter

Get excited, friends! Today is the day that the Newsletter gets a whole lot better!! If you are already signed up for the newsletter, you may remember seeing these 12 ways to pose a bride. I loved designing the last Newsletter, but I also know that a ton of you are reading the Jordan Brittley Newsletter on your phone and you are busy growing your business! So this Newsletter is going to happen all in one place: your lovely inbox. And it's going to be better than ever. The Jordan Brittley Newsletter


Everyone who signs up for the newsletter will receive a free product: 10 practical secrets that will take any brand to the next level! This free product will never see the blog and will be sent out in every newsletter (just in case you lose your copy)(or if you are already signed up)(or if you want duplicates)(I'm totally breaking lots of writing rules right now)!

Newsletters will be sent out on the first of the month and include the following:

  • Never before seen tips and tricks for the growing entrepreneur (that includes you, photographers!!)!
  • Behind the scenes at the #jordanbrittleystudio
  • Inside look at products in THE SHOP!
  • Available coaching dates before they hit the blog so you can book before anyone else!
  • Reading, Listening, Cooking and Pinning with Jordan! (I know, I know! It sounds like I have a show or something!!)

And what's the never before seen content in the March Newsletter? My Effortless Booking Process

I'm excited and you should get excited too! Sign up below or by clicking HERE!