The Creative Spill

Jordan Brittley Portrait Out of the overflow of my heart, my hands create.

I am sometimes asked how I avoid burnout or slumps in my business. This is such a great question because I want to encourage you to ask an entirely different question: how can you fill up?

Because sometimes you just might be burned out. On life. Or business. Or anything. And slumps are going to happen even if you can’t see them in your work. I hear you putting a lot of pressure on yourself in that first question and I don’t want you to be weighed down by where you think you should be or what you think you should do. If you want more creativity, it’s going to start with freedom. It’s the kind of freedom that sets captives free and releases prisoners from bondage. I’m talking about the kind of freedom that breaks chains and embraces you with one swift and powerful burst of life.

The Creative Spill. It is poured out when freedom reaches the threshold and can no longer be contained. It’s authentic and inspiring because it is born from real freedom. It doesn’t land in some glass. No, it is poured out onto the floor and freely goes wherever it chooses. It is uncontrollable and its contents powerfully impact those who are splashed by its entry.

So how can you fill up with this freedom? I can’t answer that question for you because you are unique. You have a unique purpose and calling and I don’t know what that is. But I know mine, so I can tell you how I embrace this freedom with open arms.

I seek the Lord in all things. I flood my mind with God’s truth of who He is and who He has created me to be. I am intentionally still. I find time to go breathe at the lake or a coffee shop, in a plane or in my favorite chair. I do things that inspire me: boat rides, picnics at the lake, long drives, baking, journaling, imagining, decorating, worshiping my God, hot chocolate with my husband and laying on my pregnant back so I can feel my son kick my hand.

Creativity never came naturally to me. I have always been more analytical and strategic. Creativity didn’t make sense to me. So I looked to my Creator. & I have learned creativity from the One who created it. That, my friends, inspires me.

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