The Brand Bouquet

This launch has been so fun! I have a few fun things in store for you over the next week and I can't wait to share!! While I was brainstorming launch ideas for the brand and site, it hit me: a garden party inspired brand needs a bouquet. I immediately sent my brand board, shared the heart behind my new brand, and the words "wild and free" to my friend (and ridiculously talented floral designer), Charity!

Isaac and I were reading at Hebrews coffee when she delivered the bouquet. One of my recent brides described Charity as a disney princess. The more I think about it, the more that I realize it's true! She is so full of joy and encourages people by just breathing. You will love her from day one.

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Charity, what is your favorite flower and why do you love it so much?

That is a difficult question, but I would say my favorite flower would have to be ranunculus! I love it because of its numerous amazing features. It’s available all year round, comes in a lovely mix of colors, has the cutest shape, size, detail and whimsicality, and is the best accent flower for nearly ANY style wedding.

For example, it can pair well in a modern/elegant event or compliment beautifully in an organic/romantic/rustic celebration, or accent perfectly for a wild-flower, bohemian-styled wedding. There are not many flowers that can transition to any style of event, but I truly feel that the ranunculus can do that and do it wonderfully well!

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What were you listening to or doing while you created the bouquet?

I was listening to instrumental acoustic guitar music from Pandora. (One of my favorite musicians is Tommy Emmanuel.) It’s upbeat enough to not put me to sleep but peaceful enough to not make me feel rushed or anxious. Honestly, It is refreshment to my soul! I have found that music with lyrics can be distracting while I design so instrumental music is the perfect compliment to a creative, artistic environment.

It draws me into my creative, happy-place zone and causes me to feel free and unhindered while I create, which was especially important for this bouquet, because the main request that Jordan gave me was for the bouquet to feel “wild and free”. In order to accomplish that goal, I had to feel and be in an environment that was unhindered and undistracted.

Tell us what #parkerthesmalldog thinks about the new brand!

Oh our sweet little pup, Parker, loves the new Jordan Brittley brand! He appreciates a well-designed logo, absolutely loves fresh herbs + plants and is most thrilled by businesses that run on loving others and serving well!

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What words would you use to describe my bouquet?

The words I would use to describe your bouquet would be….wild. free. beautiful. unhindered. organic. joy-filled. cheerful. natural.

I used quite a lot of foliage which created nice movement for your bouquet. The foliage also acts as a structure, or base, for the flowers. Then I incorporated classic blooms like peonies and stock which made the bouquet very feminine and beautiful. Then I added in flowers like ranunculus and scabiosa which have a lovely whimsical and freely flowing touch. I also used berries, fresh lavender and hanging amaranthus for additional organic texture, color, and unhindered movement. It’s honestly one of my favorite bouquets to date!!

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You know me so well! What's your favorite detail of my new brand and why do you love it?

Oh I love the new Jordan Brittley brand! I’m loving all of the natural elements paired with the clean lines + modern flair. The logo is beautifully and wonderfully artistic while keeping it light and airy. I really like that fresh herbs and floral details (which were customly hand drawn might I add!) were incorporated into the new look; it definitely compliments your love of gardening and your refreshing, vibrant personality!

I know that your heart is to encourage, refresh and educate others, so I feel like this new look represents your passion in “planting seeds” in the lives of those you serve, work with and love on. It’s beautiful in every way.

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You have seen me at work! How would you describe my work and my approach to working with clients?

You are extremely creative, excited to try something new, very positive, sweet and kind. I love working with you! The events that I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with you on have always been beautiful, unique, fresh, and timeless. There’s a joy that comes to me when working with you!

I never feel limited to branch out and experiment, because I know that you welcome new thoughts and innovative ideas. It’s refreshing working with you! Your brand also is a direct reflection of how you work with your unique creative approach, your passion to love others and serve well, while refreshing those whom your life touches.

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How will you be spending the rest of this summer?

I have three more weddings this summer so I will enjoy designing florals for those!

We will be swimming in the pool and playing pool volleyball with my husband’s side of the family. We love being in water during these hot summer months so we will definitely be making time for family, swimming, and summer memories.

We have a few house projects that are on our list such as building shutters and flower boxes for the front windows.

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What's your favorite style of floral design? What makes you love it so much?

I really love the natural, organic floral design style. :) I love it because it’s always a little challenging to create bouquets this way. They are more difficult than the all-round structured bouquets, and I like a good challenge. I also enjoy designing natural/organic bouquets because I feel that there is more creative freedom and discretion that is given to me as the designer and where there is freedom then there is beauty. It’s rewarding!

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You can find Charity on Facebook and Instagram!