The Best Places to Purchase and Send Film

Isaac bought me a film camera 2 years ago this month and it's been one of the biggest game changers for my business. I read through Jonathan Canlas' FIND book and was all set. I was terrified to send in that very first roll and felt like I had to wait for forever even though it only took 1 hour at Walgreens. In fact, I was so sure that I just accidentally came up with the right exposures because I sent about 7-10 rolls of personal work to Walgreens before I ever sent them to a professional lab. Today I am sharing where you can buy film for your film camera and where you can send it! This isn't an exhaustive list, but it includes the places I trust!

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Where can you buy film?



Amazon & Ebay (be careful who you buy from and always do a test roll with personal work)

I use Adorama for everything these days. I will tell you a story soon about why they have my loyalty (and have for years)!

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Where can you have your film scanned and processed?

Indie Film Lab

Richard Photo Lab 



Carmencita Film Lab

As of today, I use Richard Photo Lab for all of my work! I feel like they are spot on with the temperature and coloring and I plan to stick with them for now! There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these labs (turnaround time, cost, etc.), but these are the labs I recommend!

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Be on the lookout for some information about how to fill out order forms, how to package your film safely, and more!

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