the anchor

I am a thinker. I always think. I think about the implications of my actions... including each letter on this blog. I think about my branding and how I am finally moving toward a bold & confident brand because am becoming more bold and confident. I think about the people who were just executed in North Korea. I think about my little sister who is being discharged from the hospital and how the Lord brought healing and gave hope when it didn't seem like there was any left. I think about my family. I think about my dreams. I think about the dreams of my husband. I think about how we want to love boldly and courageously. I think about how Jesus loved. I think about how he boldly loved sinners like me. I think about how he healed them and how some followed him.

I think about how to make a better, more fluffy cupcake from my Miette cookbook because the last batch just wasn't all that fluffy. I think about how to show women, young and old, the truth about who they are. And I am so passionate about it that it brings me to tears. I think about sunsets and watching the rain. I think about great harvests. I think about decorating my house. I think about people I meet who are despairing because of their pain. I think about how I want to actually pray instead of leaving my requests at a "yeah, that." I think about how I want to be intentional with my time and words.

I think about these things. At least these are the things I have been thinking about while waiting for beautiful words to come.

I analyze. I evaluate. I think.

I think about light. I think about how it reflects and bounces around and how gentle it becomes when it is defused by a cloud or tree. I think about laying on a blanket and watching the sky turn fiery red to blue and then to black. I think about watching the stars. I think I desire to be still even though it seems like such a difficult thing. I want to enjoy every moment and wish nothing away. Even the really hard life stuff. Because the hope that the Lord has given me is still the anchor for my soul. Even in the really hard life stuff.

clouds - photography by jordan brittley_001


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