The 4 words you should never say in business

I love it when Isaac is blogging because he has such an interesting (and brilliant) perspective on things. He wrote several posts in 2015 and it looks like his voice is here to stay since you all love hearing from him so much! Below are a few of his posts from 2015, as well as today's: The 4 Words You Should Never Say in Business!

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One time Jordan and I were visiting a local fast food chain because she loves a hamburger with guacamole. It comes and goes from the menu depending on the time of year. I always start my order at the drivethrough window with “do you have a hamburger with guacamole on it?” It’s like a ritual. I’m sure they know it’s me when the order starts that way.

4 Words You Should Never Say in Business - The Jordan Brittley Blog

During this trip, I noticed a new breakfast burrito with guacamole.

I was very happy about my chances for a guacamole burger at this point. So, I asked the guy at the window, “Do you have a hamburger with guacamole on it?”

To my great surprise, he answered, “No, we do not.”

I thought maybe the guy was new or unfamiliar with the menu, so I asked a related question, “Do you have anything with guacamole?”

To which the man replied, “We only have breakfast burritos with guacamole.”

I asked if they could put the guacamole that they used on the burrito on a cheeseburger. He said, “We don’t have a button for that.”

Jordan and I laughed — a little speechless — and learned a valuable lesson in business: never tell your customers, “You can’t because we ______.”

No matter what comes after “we”, that’s not a sentence that leads to great customer service, or a wow experience. We need to be bending over backwards for our customers, whatever they need.

If our customers are limited because of our unwillingness to act on their behalf, we aren’t doing our jobs well.


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Here’s a little homework for all of us business people:

1. How am I limiting my customer’s experience?

2. How am I saying “You can’t because I…”?

3. How can I redeem poor customer experience in the past?

This is the stuff that we don't always want to talk about in our businesses. Soon I will be sharing with you the four words you should always say in your business. These words are instrumental in Jordan’s business and leave people raving about her work and their experience.