I don't just feel thankful all of the time. Most of the time I start with thinking of the things that I know I am thankful for and my feelings figure out a way to keep up with the truth. But you know those times when, regardless of circumstance, thankfulness just kind of hurls itself out of you like a freight train and you are just trying to keep up with the blessings that are staring you in the face? I'm thankful for those moments. Because blessings are always staring us in the face, but sometimes we are too blind to see them. So today I am thankful for those moments when thankfulness hurls itself ahead of me and dresses my face with a warm smile and a bubbly heart. And today I am thankful for those moments when it takes me so long to truly be thankful for anything because I know that the Lord is mine and that He can give me a thankful heart. Yes, I am thankful for my God who can even transform a heart like mine. The smell of eggs filled our kitchen this morning as my husband cooked them to perfection. The eggs were for the baby and me because he loves to serve us like that... that kind of serving that comes from this place of pure love and selflessness. Yes, what he does with his servant heart surely blesses me but it doesn't hold a candle to the way his heart in serving blesses me.

Praise God for not withdrawing from me when I withdraw from Him! Praise God that I don't have to live in fear and praise God for grace when I choose to live in fear. Praise God that He is calling me to an unhindered life for His Glory! Praise God, praise God! For I am new. I don't look like I used to... praise God that He can transform hearts.

Let me tell you what I am most thankful for today: My God has promised me that He would use this little one growing inside of me to RESTORE. He gave this promise to me a year before I was pregnant and I have already seen Him restore even while He is still restoring. My God is great and big and mighty and He can do amazing, miraculous things. Lord, give me eyes to see your hand at work today so that I can praise you in my inner being!!

In April I sat around a campfire in Virginia with young women who are part of Delight. They sang and worshipped. They were transformed. Oh, yes they were transformed. As a group and individually. On that east coast God did something I have never seen before.

So today I want to share with you some worship from those days. Some unedited, filled-with-giggles kind of worship. With a train. A train that I prayed would arrive when we started to sing. Because I wanted to hear the crickets cricket and the fire roar and the train announce the presence of our King as we cried out to Him. And I heard just that.


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