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Walking through miscarriage

We missed our turn and pulled into the first driveway we could find. Farm. Those were the first words I saw on the sign. I could see the peonies just ahead on the right. I could see the tomatoes growing and a green house in the distance. There was a little shop just ahead with fruits and veggies for sale.

I kept driving, intrigued by this place. It seemed like a home away from home. Quiet. Undiscovered...

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23 things that encouraged me after miscarriage

It's early in the morning and the grey light finds its way through our white curtains. I stare up at the ceiling for a moment and pull the white duvet to my face. There's something comforting about the soft, heavy, blanket on our bed. There are days when I wish I could stay in that space - that safe space below the blanket - and sleep away the reality unfolding before me.

Victory isn't growing safely inside me anymore. We prayed for so many days that God would undo any damage and bring healing to her. After my contractions...

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