Summer coaching - only 4 spots!

I've killed... so many succulents in the last few years! I did everything I could think of to keep them alive: I watered them until they (quite literally) couldn't take it anymore, I dropped a picture frame on my Aloe, and my hanging house plants just barely survived the spring drought '17. 

Friend, let's make sure your business never looks like a dying succulent plant. I get it: you're working your booty off trying to make this work. And you could pull together thousands of blog posts, try to find the hidden meanings in Instagram captions, and call social media & blogging your best marketing game OR you could let me help ya!

Side note: I totally took this through a window while speaking at the MPPA convention in Maine. Can we please vote to move the ocean to Missouri?

Coaching is more than a brainstorm sesh. It’s a done-for-you business strategy so you can go make it happen without pulling out your hair.

I'm all about transformation over here, so no question is off limits. My coaching clients are incredible. They all are driven, go-getters who will put in the time and heart to make it happen. And all at the same time, they just can't stop gushing about the people in their lives.

My favorite coaching moment ever? One of my clients cried at the end of her call because she was so thankful. Her business was actually doing really, really well but she was struggling with a strategy that would work for her business

She tried doing the things everyone else was doing with Instagram, blogging, and client experience, but it wasn't cutting it.

She needed something customized for her that would actually work.

So in one hour, we built a system that changed everything for her.

Every single one of my coaching clients are doing amazing things and if you follow along on Insta-story, you probably hit that fancy little "follow" button right away. Why wouldn't you?! Afterall, they remind you of your best friend. No, they remind you of yourself.

Friend, I love that you cheer others on, but it's time someone cheer you on (and give you a proven, customizable strategy that will work for your business).

Let me get cheesy really quick. ;) Friend, are you ready to walk through the door of possibilities? I'm sorry! I just couldn't help myself. (But really - will you be there?!)

Only 4 spots!

There are only 4 coaching sessions available for June and July and we expect these to sell out FAST! They are 1 hour long (returning coaching clients can book multiple hours) and we'll send over a questionnaire after you book!

Let's make it happen, friend. Click that button below and book a coaching session on the next page...

I'm waiting to cheer you on on the other side! I'll be wearing comfy clothes, wearing a hat, and doing a little dance in an alley with the good light.

Okay, okay. It will be in a coffee shop. I only go to pretty alleys when i have to take photos.