Strawberries and June Bugs

Fresh strawberries, brilliant stars and june bugs. This is my country life. I want to enjoy it and soak up every minute of it, but I find myself caught in the busyness. I don't want to let it slip away and miss the simple little things. I want to try new things and learn something new. Every day. I want to cook delicious danishes and master the fine skill of gardening. I want to read books and sit in the hammock and breathe. I want to enjoy today. I don't want to settle for nothingness. I want to move forward.

Nothingness is exhausting. Busyness is exhausting. But being thankful is so very rewarding and refreshing. Today I want to be thankful for the little things and find the time to truly enjoy the little things. Like fresh strawberries, brilliant stars and tip toeing around the june bugs that swarm the evening light.