Kuhs Estate & Farm Engagement in St Louis - Katie and AJ

Fine Art Film Photographer St Louis Missouri - Kuhs Farm

St Louis, Missouri Film Engagement Session

Kuhs Estate & Farm

We walked over the green grass, laughing, and sharing about our mutual love for dogs. The light trickled in, hitting the tops of yellowing trees and rock paths. They shared different parts of their story - how they met and how they ended up with each dog - before walking down the stone steps at Kuhs.

And there - at the bottom of the rock garden, in the center of the beautiful - they danced, laughed, ran, and enjoyed a glass of wine. Katie and AJ walk hand in hand like they have been doing it their whole lives. They met in high school and have been together ever since, so it's fitting that their togetherness feels like a lifetime of knowing and belonging to each other. These two love each other. They put the other first and they take care of each other. They know the words to say when there are no words - in every season and in every journey.

Katie and AJ love to laugh. They love to explore. They love hiking and walking their dogs. And they love the simple life of just being together. 

A Jordan Brittley Engagement Session, Fine Art St Louis Wedding Photographer

St Louis Engagement Team

Photography - Jordan Brittley
Venue - Kuhs Estate & Farm

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