St Louis Botanical Gardens with Jianna

She sat at my kitchen table and I told her about my love for list-making and how that translated to a giant list of summer goals. Eat watermelon, road trip to see a friend, listen to Isaac's stories about Africa, paint - the list went on and on. I encouraged her to make a list of things she really wanted to do and asked her what was at the top of that list.

 St Louis Botanical Gardens Children Photographer

St Louis Botanical Gardens Children Photographer

St Louis Botanical Gardens

fine art film children photographer

Besides a road trip to the beach, she most wanted to see the St Louis Zoo! My parents let Isaac and I borrow her for a day and we gave her a mini tour of St Louis: cheesecake, the botanical gardens, the zoo, and a drive through Forrest Park with mental notes for where to go next time. I love spending time with this girl!

I still remember the day she was born... because I was there. How sweet is that? I love that my parents gave me that experience! There's a photo of me oohing and aahing over her and it's not going to surprise you that I still feel that way about her! Jianna and I are 12 years apart and she is actually closer in age to Daniel than I am to her. If you ever ask about my sisters, just know that I could talk your ear off telling you how much I love them and how proud I am of them. I have learned so much from them!

Jianna is kind at the core. She inspires me to let go of fear and run wild. She draws people in with her warm heart and boldly encourages others. I was putting the final touches on a wedding gallery this summer and we came across a photo of me. It was the middle of the day and I was working - I was a hot mess. So I said just that, "I look like a hot mess." Without hesitation, she said, "You look like you are made in the image of God." Bam. She's a truth machine - a fierce girl who lavishes love on everyone she meets.

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