St Charles Backyard Wedding: Gertrude + John Paul

She gazed out the window and remembered the days she spent running through the yard in the summertime. She would lay on the deck and talk with her sisters. She remembered those days well, full of the purest kind of joy. This was her childhood in the circle house on the hill. How she felt was so very different than in those early years. Because that joy consumed her heart now. John Paul only adds to her delight. His kind and gentle love coupled with the strength given to him to lead her is enough bring her to her knees in thanks. She set her coffee on the table as her father placed the wood in the fire place. Today he would take her hand and call her his very own for the rest of their lives.

He took her hand on that day and they made promises to each other before the Lord, family and friends. And then they celebrated a new life together. And all that could be felt in the backyard of her childhood home was the depth of their unrelenting love.