The snapchat reel of #danielhosea

I sat in Starbucks and pulled together images and videos from Daniel's first year. My phone broke at one of our weddings this month, so I texted Isaac and our family to see what videos they had. I had envisioned a snapchat reel of sorts - something that felt down to earth and simple!

The videos came in, one by one, as I sat by that floor-to-ceiling window. I cried. I cried in the middle of Starbucks because how in the world was he ever so little? It melts my heart to see this video! And with this song!!

A couple years before Daniel was born, I sat with a friend and told her I wanted to use this song to announce that I was expecting! Well, I was way too excited to put together a video when we announced, so I just threw it out there and we celebrated.

And now I finally get to use this song! Every bride who comes to my website will see our little one (check it out on the About page, guys)!

My favorite clip is definitely the one where he is pulling his feet... I have such vivid memories of that stage! Okay, okay - click play below and cue the tears!


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