Slideshows: For the Photographer

For a while now I have been using Animoto to build my slideshows. There are several different templates you can use to display your images as they move accross the screen and you can easily add text to your videos. What was holding me back in my business was the lack of flexibility in branding. I wanted a slideshow that was more about the images and emotion than how creatively an image could move across the screen. I also wanted to be able to have a white background to display my images because it looks better on my website, blog and facebook. And then I found Showit Slideshow. After downloading their software, I dove right in an I couldn't be happier with the branding in my videos. My clients can sit back and enjoy their photos while they listen to music from The Music Bed or they can click on the slideshow and watch their photos at a fast pace. Once you are finished working on the slideshow and you have saved it, you can easily drag the flash file into your showit website. From there you can display it in a client website or you can find the show in your media folder and click "link." This link is where the show is stored online. By pasting this link into the publish portion of the Slideshow program, you can generate code to embed the show (below) into your blog! Or you can simply provide the link to the BRANDED show. Or both.

I have never been so EXCITED to create a slideshow and show my clients. If you have any questions, post them in the new comment box below!


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