Scary audio equipment and an update on Haiti

Last January the Lord awakened a desire to share lives through video. He was changing my world and teaching me to hold onto the dreams He had for me. I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to travel to Haiti in December of 2012 to begin filming my very first documentary. I have to admit that jumping into video has been an adventure. And a little scary at times. Six months ago, recording audio terrified me. But it has been worth it! I am so thankful for a friend at the Journey who introduced me to the zoom. It makes me want to record audio ever single day! 

I am still working on the Haiti documentary (and hoping to go back and film more), but this Sunday the Journey will release a short video documenting the relationship between the churches for the last two years! It was so fun to work with the Journey media team to share what God is doing through the Journey Church in St Louis and the Compassion Church in Haiti. I will be sure to blog the video when it is released!

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