Rolling Hills + Thanksgiving

I pull back the curtains and stare into the endless country. The driveway winds down into a gentle meadow and colorful trees decorate the distance. I stand by the windows and admire the way the light dances around the hills that seem to fade into the sky. I just stand there and breathe. And then a little something catches my breath. Am I really going to cry? And then it hits me. Because it is more than just the gorgeous rolling hills. It's the love.  It's the outpouring of love that I feel from our family and friends. It's the late night talks with our parents and morning coffee. It's snuggling with my husband and playing with my sisters. It's taking a step away from the busyness of life to soak up the abundance of blessings in my life. It's reading the Word in the morning and remembering that I am a child of God... who has been chosen by Him for His Glory. This morning I am so thankful for the abundance that the Lord has laid on my life. Yes, I am so thankful.