Productivity: Evernote

As a small business owner, I am constantly thinking about my business. And these plans for my business are stored beside my plans for dinner and how I am going to organize our home. I started jotting ideas down in a notebook, but I just wasn't loving the system because I couldn't create to do lists or organize anything in an efficient way. And then I found Evernote. Evernote allows you to create notes using images, text and sound bites. From there, you can add tags to your notes to help organize... AND you can create notebooks from your notes. I love it. I have notebooks that range from "Future Blog Posts" to "Home Decor." If I am looking for a particular color scheme for the guest bedroom and find one that I love on Pinterest, I can easily take a screen shot and add the note to my "Home Decor" Notebook. You can download the app on any smart device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.,) and synch your ideas.

So whether you are a bride planning your wedding, a mom organizing her decorating ideas, or a small business owner trying to manage your goals, this app is for you! And it's free. I really love free apps!



Are there any great apps that you use? What helps you stay productive?