Frame by frame: photographing the couple in quiet moments

Isaac and I just made a big loop through the Midwest! We started in St Louis on Saturday and arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas at 5:15 am. We were so ready to sleep, even if it was only for a couple hours. We woke up on Sunday and headed to the closest Starbucks because caffeine. I started off by photographing Hannah's bridal details: dress, rings, jewelry (the necklace was a family heirloom), and the invitation suite. I love this time of year because I can forage all kinds of things - flowers, pretty leaves, and anything else that fits with the wedding style.

We left and headed to the ceremony venue for Hannah and Tyler's first look. We worked through family photos, wedding party photos and then we got to photograph the two of them again just before the ceremony! This might be one of my new favorite things!

Photographing the couple in quiet moments

So there they were - just moments before their ceremony in the middle of a gorgeous garden. I asked them to stand in the shade and while he kissed her forehead, I took this photo. I then moved to the left of Tyler so that I could see Hannah over his shoulder.

I don't like to fill in the silent gaps because I believe those silent moments are where memories begin. Once I was positioned and had the focus, I asked Hannah to look at me. This was the result...

Springfield Missouri Wedding by Jordan Brittley (


Canon 5D Mark III Canon 50mm L


F/1.8 200 ISO [insert shutter speed] [insert kelvin]

You are probably thinking that we stayed at home all day on Monday and relaxed. Nope! We actually picked up my youngest sister and took her to St Louis to visit the Botanical Gardens (where we had a little photo shoot) and the zoo! It was so fun to give her a quick tour of Forrest Park and listen to Daniel talking. We missed that so much while we were gone this weekend!


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