This or that: choosing a location for the cake

Move that cake! Only, you should never be the one to do it. I shared 4 cake photo tips and I wanted to elaborate on my first tip. I'm a firm believer in getting the photo that your bride will love and vendors will be proud of. Once you take the photo of the original setup, don't be afraid to ask the people in charge if the cake can be moved for one photograph. I have done this so many times and everyone has always been so willing to make it happen!

Photo Tips - Choosing a Location for the Wedding Cake

1) Pick out the location before you request that it be temporarily moved. 

Everything at a wedding has to happen really quick. When the person in charge of the cake asks you where you want the cake, you want to be able to tell them. This lets them know that you're not messing around or wasting their time. And it keeps everything moving along!

2) Don't move the cake or help with moving the cake.

The only thing that you, as a photographer, are allowed to do is stand back and watch. Let the people who are responsible for moving the cake be the ones to move it. I know I said this earlier, but I can't stress it enough!

Small decisions along the way create an experience your clients will rave about.
— Jordan Brittley

3) Pick a location that fits with the rest of the wedding style.

Let's look at the photo below. I decided to move it away from the yellow wall because the bride didn't have any yellow in any other wedding details. I went ahead and photographed the cake as it was, but I took a different photo that was simpler and matched the rest of the wedding details.

(The photo on the right is the photo recently published on Style Me Pretty).


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