Passover to Easter: Day 7 (Resurrection)

It's the middle of the day on Monday and I think I'll just sit here on the deck and enjoy my glass of water forever. I'm thinking about how much Daniel loves to watch Little Einsteins and "Pway ut-side." How he loves to hide under the covers just to be found. How he loves to run around the house and charge full force into Isaac's arms.

This weekend we went to a Good Friday service with my sister, Jenna. I told you in this post how I've always viewed communion as quite serious. And it is to some extent. But sometimes I live like serious equals absence of joy. So it couldn't have been super embarrassing when Isaac and I bursted up laughing in the middle of communion, but instead it was the sweetest blessing.

On Saturday we celebrated Daniel's birthday - how on earth is he two years old?! I took our GoPro in with us to the zoo and to Stockton Lake and I'm hoping to make a video to share with you.

My goal was to share Day 7 of our Passover to Easter study yesterday, but we got caught up in the moment with our families and with each other. Thank you for the grace as we finish the study and celebrate that nothing is too hard for jesus! He is doing incredible things on Instagram and on this blog and I'm over here on my deck praising Him that He can do the impossible.

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Passover to Easter Day 7

read, listen, and write

Read: Matthew 28

Listen: Resurrecting on the Passover & Easter Playlist

Take action: Start a journal + write one sentence a day

"...baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

I have to wonder what the disciples were thinking at this point. Did they remember Jesus talking about the Holy Spirit (John 15)? Jesus had been saying that He and God were one. And now He was including the Holy Spirit.

I wonder what they were thinking.

I wonder if they clung to those words after Jesus ascended into heaven. Because they weren't going to be left alone in this life. They had a friend, encourager, and counselor (John 15:26-27) who would come and equip them for this call to make disciples of all nations.

A friend who would equip them with gifts of all kinds (1 Corinthians 12). A friend who would produce good fruit (Galatians 5:22-23). Fruit that would make them a blessing to the people around them.

Jesus is alive and He has given us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit who rose Jesus from the dead is the same Holy Spirit living in me. That's powerful. Trust me - I don't have fancy words and I don't know all the things. But when it's time to speak, the Holy Spirit equips me. When it's time to write, the Holy Spirit equips me. When it's time to go and do _______, the Holy Spirit equips me.

Our enemy would have us believe that Jesus has abandoned us. That He turns a cold shoulder to us when we mess up or don't get it right. That He is quick to spit at us or humiliate us in front of everyone.

But our ways are not His ways.

The cold shoulder and the humiliation is from the world. Jesus doesn't treat us that way. He protects us, takes care of our needs, and conquered death for us. So even though our bodies will die one day, He will raise us from the dead. Jesus is our Savior and King and yet He calls us His "friend" (John 15:15).

We are so dearly loved. 

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