Passover to Easter: Day 4

The first time I read all the way through one of the gospels, I tried to insert myself into the story. I tried to imagine myself standing right there with the disciples and I saw Peter in a whole new light. He was just saying what the whole group was thinking when he said he'd never deny Jesus (Matthew 26: 33-35).

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Passover to Easter: Day 4

read, listen & cook

Read: Matthew 26:57-75

Listen: Come to the water and My Victory on the Passover & Easter Playlist

Recipe: Make something for passover

So here he is, hearing the rooster crowing, feeling the sting of his rejection of Jesus three times over. He even says (verse 74), "A curse on me if I’m lying—I don’t know the man!" If I'm Peter in this story, I'm walking away, weeping bitterly, too. I imagine that everything that followed - Jesus' trials, beatings, and death - shook Peter, reminding him that he had totally failed.

But even when we've failed - even when we don't see a way out - God's grace is enough. We'll read about Jesus death and resurrection, but there's a story tucked in at the end of John 21 that is so prevalent to our failures...

Matthew 21:15-25

Even though Peter denied Jesus before men, Jesus still loves Peter. Jesus doesn't deny Peter before God even though that is what's owed for denying Jesus before men (Matthew 10:33). Instead, he takes Peter away from the whole group to restore the relationship. Peter goes on to follow the Lord and the Lord uses him for beautiful, powerful things.

There is no situation we have walked into that God can't save us from. There is no situation where we're too far for Jesus to reach down and pull us from the pit (Psalm 40). There is no sin that His grace can't cover - no circumstance His grace can't overwhelm.

Lord, draw near to us. Make our hearts right with you and show us how to walk with you each day. 

The Lord has not abandoned you, friend.

I'll be back tomorrow on the blog with day 5! I would love to hear how He meets you and speaks to you this week. Let me know in the comments below or hop over to Instagram and let me know there. Praying for you, friend.

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