Intimate, Outdoor Wedding Inspiration - Springfield, Missouri

 Springfield Missouri Wedding Photographer

Alli told me I could use anything I wanted for my styling and I thought my heart was going to burst. So I grabbed fabric off the table and started styling the invitation suite. Isaac held the reflector to minimize sun spots coming through the trees and I styled the paper products for as long as I wanted. I love working with a team that works like I do!

During inspiration shoots, everything is a lot more casual and relaxed. Some of the creatives wear their everyday clothes and we talk about anything and everything while we are working. I'm deeply passionate about the images I create and it's so beautiful that seriousness does not lead to inspiration and creativity! On a wedding day, we all have this focus of serving the couple and we love it. And it's also fun to switch it up and work barefoot if we feel like it.

 Springfield Missouri Wedding Photographer - Fine art Weddings, Jordan Brittley

If I ever photograph you during an inspiration shoot, you will see an entirely different side of the creative world! On the wedding day, we hardly talk about ourselves because we are so focused on the serving the couple (and no couple should have to listen to a bunch of creatives talk about #allthethings)! During an inspiration shoot, we talk about Daniel's latest trick, our business dreams, things we are inspired by, our pups, and we say "Oooooooo!" a lot. And sometimes we are totally quiet, just soaking it all in. It's a beautiful thing and I'm so honored to work with these talented creatives.

You can see all of the pretty and more over on Every Last Detail today! We wanted to create an inspiration shoot that was vibrant with unexpected colors and textures. 


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