Open Arms at The Bean

I have always been passionate about video because you can tell a different story and pull out things that you otherwise can’t in photos. And the same goes for photos. So together, they are this incredible tool to tell a story and communicate that story to an audience that will be left moved.

When I sat down and talked to Angel about her vision for her business, I was moved and I knew that others would be too. The Bean 316 is a coffee shop in Bolivar, MO and their purpose is to provide and place where dreams and coffee collide. Listen to the purpose in those words! How could you not be excited?! To be able to work with another business that is so passionately purposeful is inspiring.

The Bean will be hosting an event to raise an awareness for the need of foster care & adoption in the Bolivar community this Saturday! I would encourage you to stop by the event and hear some personal stories of how lives have been changed through adoption.

I would be so thrilled if you watched the video below and let me know what you think in the comments below! How does this inspire you to live the life you were meant to live?