October Goals in 2014

St Louis Botanical Garden by Jordan Brittley Photography Things are going to be simple. And that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be a very busy October, but that means that I am going to breathe it all in: life. I am going to savor these memories with my husband while it’s just the two of us and I am going to soak up time with our dearest family and friends while being a mom still looks like carrying a baby in a belly.

I have been praying a lot about motherhood. I have wrestled through so many feelings of inadequacy and each time I find myself before God knowing that He will show me the way. I am not enough. And I will never ever be enough. No matter how hard I try or what great things I might do: I am not enough. But my God? Oh, He most surely is enough. And if He can do something as miraculous as give us a child, then He can most certainly show us how to be the parents of this child.

Praise God.

So I have thought through these little goals quite a bit. Each one is written from a place that was stirred deep in my heart.

DO MY QUIET TIME IN THE MORNING - I have been sick for quite a while and my whole routine has been shifted. I love waking up before or at 6am, but right now that just doesn’t work. My plan? To let my body have the rest that it needs and whenever I start my day, I want to start it in the word.

LETTERS TO BABY - Oh gosh. I’m crying. We can blame it on the hormones or whatever, but the I cannot wait to tell this baby how we prayed for him/her. How the Lord, in His mercy, has given us such a great gift and all we want is to raise this baby in the Lord.

GO ON WALKS WITH ISAAC - We love walking together and now that I am feeling (slightly) better, we are both ready to be under the stars again together.

SPEND TIME WITH ISAAC IN THE WORD IN THE EVENINGS - I am so ready to spend time in the word with my husband. Maybe this can be followed with a walk.

DECORATE FOR THE FALL - Wreaths and blankets and anything fall needs to come to my house. You can find me on pinterest collecting inspiration.

PLAN THE BOY OR GIRL PARTY - So, I wasn’t originally going to do a gender reveal party, but since Isaac and I love spending time with family and friends so much I think it’s going to be a must. I’m thinking apple cider and ginger snaps and pumpkin everything. We won’t find out until the end of November, but this girl loves to plan parties.

DESIGN INVITATIONS FOR THE PARTY - I may or may not have these mostly finished. Then I just need to send them off for printing!

INTRODUCE THE NEWEST MEMBER OF OUR JORDAN BRITTLEY TEAM - We have a new member on the Jordan Brittley team and I can’t wait to introduce you!

HEADSHOTS FOR EACH MEMBER OF OUR TEAM - And what better way to introduce the new team member than to take new headshots for our team?!

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