November Goals in 2015

It's November! I remember this time last year so vividly. This was the month that we were going to find out if we were having a girl or boy (and I was sure we were having a girl)! Things are so wonderfully different now. A boy... we have a son! If you want to see last year's goals, click here! There are a lot of new readers on this blog and I want to welcome you! I want this space to be encouraging to you and a resource for you as you grow your business. If you want to know where to start (because there is a ton of content on this blog), click here!

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This month I am focusing on getting more sleep, eating food that fuels me, and being intentional with my time in new ways!

Personal Goals

Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day  Sleep 7-8 hours every night Walk for 30 minutes every morning  Finalize dates for maternity leave - That's right! I'm taking maternity leave even though Daniel is 6 months old. During the summer, between the sleepless nights and the schedule full of work, Isaac encouraged me to go ahead and take maternity leave as soon as I could. A few days later, my friend Brandy told me the same thing! I blocked off December and January entirely! Go on a date with Isaac and don't talk about my business Decorate our front porch Read 1 hour every day Take 1 week off for Thanksgiving

Business Goals

Write 10 posts for December - I am currently tucked away in a coffee shop so that I can do a ton of blogging for November and December! I love blogging and I don't want this space to be empty while I'm on maternity leave Write 4 blog posts this month to other moms - This has been on my heart from the beginning but I just didn't think that it would benefit anyone. I was so wrong! I think my biggest hesitation was that I didn't want to exclude the photographers who don't have children. I think I can effectively benefit both audiences so we are going to make this happen! Are there any specific things you want to hear about?! Update the about page on my website - New headshot, new words Read Essentialism Do not launch a webinar and new product - I have want to host a webinar and up sell for months! And one day I will. But it's not the time for that because I am taking maternity leave! Yay!! Finish well - I have 3 more shoots left and then I am done for the year! I want to approach these shoots with creativity and I want to love my clients well! Even if it's the end of the year!

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