New Headshots + The new hair!

Jordan Brittley Photography Headshots - Jordan Brittley Blog Isaac was home a couple days each week this summer and it was the best. We live in Bolivar and travel to Springfield, MO often for food + movies. So on one of our last Thursdays together we took new head shots for me, ate Indian food at the Taj Mahal, and watched Ant Man at the Springfield 11. And we did it all with our Daniel!

Today I am sharing my new head shots with you because (1) I think everyone needs to update their head shots regularly and (2) I cut off my hair! I have already shot a ton of sessions and two weddings with this short hair and it's so much cooler and just easier to manage. I don't miss my long hair one bit so I think the short hair is here to stay!

I'm cooking

I'm juicing about every day and loving it! On days when I can make it into the kitchen, I'm trying new curry or mexican recipes.

I'm listening

I am loving Spotify these days! I have a great calming playlist and Jenna is occasionally updating our office jam playlist (it's made up of her favorite music)!

I'm kissin'

My boys, of course! Those two have my heart and I love doing life with them everyday!

I'm laughin'

I spend a lot of time laughing at my husband because he knows the way to my heart's tickle spot. He knows no shame in the game of making me laugh. And then there's my son... that boy is giggling these days and I lose it EVERY TIME. It's the most precious thing you have ever heard!

I'm shooting

The second (crazy-fierce) round of weddings is here and with it comes fall family and senior shoots. I'm loving it and counting myself blessed because God has made a way for me to do what I love for a living! I'm still looking for PRETTY seniors and have some availability for a couple more families this fall!

I'm restin'

This playlist just brings so much peace to my soul! I'm being a lot more intentional about resting everyday and taking a day totally off each week. I really just started doing this last week and I can already tell a huge difference in my creativity and energy. God designed us to rest and it's time that I embrace the wisdom in it!

A huge thanks to Isaac for these headshots! Just wait until you see his shots from our most recent wedding. My jaw dropped while I was culling the images!

Jordan Brittley Photography Headshots - Jordan Brittley Blog Jordan Brittley Photography Headshots - Jordan Brittley Blog Jordan Brittley Photography Headshots - Jordan Brittley Blog

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